Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Puppet Race

All this commotion, this counting and competing, spectating and speculating on a race for two. Billary Clinton.....Obama Sin Laden.....Who will win?!?!

Not much at stake here- the worst either can do is get second place. Runner-up still puts you on the podium and in the winner's circle- well, at least in a real race.

Second only hurts in boxing.

Not to belittle the candidacy or jeopardize the security of the Homeland, but whoever gets to head up the Republocrats or the Demblicans holds zero entertainment for me. With only 50/50 odds it's not even worth gambling on.

In the bigger picture, we might be about to swap Punch for Judy in the next act of the ongoing puppet show. Even a child suspects the real players are wearing the party leaders for gloves.

The real players aren't fighting each other, they've thrown the match--right on the gasoline.

And you'd be warm, if you thought they were laughing all the way to bank; burning hot- if you knew they ran the bank.

(Wholly unrelated fact: MBNA, now defunct, was both the largest independent credit card issuer in the world, and.....the #1 campaign contributor to George W. Bush. Foreseeing the current credit meltdown in hundreds of billions of dollars, from creative leveraging of inflated mortgage and other repackaged debt, MBNA coincidentally rewrote the new bankruptcy law, don't you know....the one imposing greater restrictions on the desperate, binding back the suicidal- those who, if they could only have had a "clean start".....)

Bet the farm on the horse, put the X on the ballot, wear your heart on your sleeve. Get the sticker on your car, the sign on your lawn, get right with God.

But know the roster, know the league. It isn't Elephants vs Donkeys. It's not the NBA, the NFL, or the NHL.

Skip the sports page, the player trades and get down to business--the insider trades: the MBNA, the CITI, and the BofA.

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