Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Human Condition

photo - Simon Sollberger

I decided I could be happy on one condition only,
That I be in love......happily.
And thus I began to condition,
My hair, my leather, my air.
Everything in top condition,
As of yet, at no apparent cost,
To my financial or physical condition.

Given the right conditions I'd meet her.
It's true of course I would,
And in due course I did.
With all my heart -
On certain conditions.

That she dress just so,
She behave as such.
This conditional love, conceived unawares,
By conditions on my happiness.

It was only then I was made aware,
Of what I'd developed,
Wholly undeservedly and out of the blue:
A heart condition.

The cruelty, the timing and injustice.
Yet I would rally and I would focus,
On advisement received.
Condition yourself - new pills new food.
Physical conditioning must now appease,
And reclaim top condition,
From random disease.

Crowding my thinking, this health condition,
Precariously conditional on every move.
Inward dismay and outward decay,
To be loved unconditionally - beyond my fate.

With steady descent I watch the dissent,
Of my love from conditions given her.
In time we part and as part of the plan,
Happiness too acts a stranger.
I suffer and blame and am sure you'd complain,
Forced to live under such conditions.

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