Thursday, February 07, 2008

Designer Wordplay

photo simon sollberger

Forms are pushed, accelerated, restrained or diminished. Shapes made angular, organic, or feminine. Form-Before-Function? It-Is-What-It-Is. Corners get smoothed or left stark. Edges are examined, intersections inspected. Recess the surface? Make it proud. Make it positively royal - through crowning. Dictate color, determine material, define texture, and describe process.

The haphazard, the neglected, the overlooked and heavy-handed; the ball dropped, the opportunity missed. These weigh much and are difficult to bear. Yet, happy accidents tumble forth through missteps made in earnest. Divine hand or damn luck, transgressions are soon forgiven.

We intend, emulate, borrow and hope to return. We see beauty and elevate it. We find good or fabricate it. And emerge, it does, seemingly newborn, though breathed upon, having already endured growing pains, and reached maturity. Another product conceived.

Does it further us, the further we take it? Do we embrace nature or break it? Privatize it, publicize it? Obsess to possess? We accumulate awards and parking tickets. We collect favor and debt. We gather wisdom and dust.

Spatially speaking, time is fleeting. It flees fore and aft. It's not on our side. Budgetarily, it's upside-down. Having the time of our lives, we pretend progress on solid particles, in allotted blocks of time, while physicists prove neither exists.

But the essence, the emotion, the experience does. Mindfulness, intention--in harmony or contention? Energy flows where attention goes...

The world is moving--moving its focus. Moving towards the flow of information and ideation. Moving away from the making of stuff ...that no longer moves us. As we become information, do we become passive receptors of propaganda and not-so-hidden agenda? Or, instead, generative sources--authoritative forces--that elect to perfect the way forward?

This business of motion, this passing of time, is best conducted with presence of mind.

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