Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Art Nouveau or Art Pre-Owned

There's big, vacant space on at least one of the walls in my apartment that could use some good artwork. I'd say something painted, something 36"x48" or upwards thereof. That would fill the space. If it was, say, $40 tops- that would be good. Yes, that's what would make it good art- if it were that size at that price. I guess there aren't too many good artists around lately.

Don't think I haven't looked. I searched specifically under "Art" on E-bay, typed in "36x48" and couldn't find anything without paying skywards of $100. Shit, if I had to thin the wallet by even $50 to get a real eye-catcher, that would be fine. Just fine. But I'm not looking for fine art. I hear it's collectable and all, but I'm not about to settle. I want good art. Where the hell did all the fine arts grads go anyway?