Thursday, November 04, 2004

Metaphysical White House Cleaning

I think I see a way out of this. Since the Voting Game didn't produce the desired winner, or some would even say contestant, other options might have to be explored. There's an ad on the back page of the LA Weekly for "Metaphysical Housecleaning." Upon checking out the website,, I felt eerily guided into sharing this, with the hope of freeing the White House from evil and persistent beings that have taken up residence there. Here's what caught my eye.....

Please click on the header to be directed to the proper e-mail form.
I have negative energy in my home.
I have a negative or bothersome spiritual or vibrational problem in my home (or other local). It is causing me problems, misery, loss of money, oppression, etc. I need this energy removed from my environment.

I believe I have a bothersome or negative SPIRIT in my house.
I have seen or felt things that lead me to suspect that there is a human spirit here, and there may also be a bad general atmosphere. I need this spirit removed from my house, never to return.

Now, steel yourself- I ain't making this up.....

I am being abused
These are the calls from people who are being abused, starved, whipped, beaten, or generally horribly abused by a human monster. I lick my lips for these jobs. After talking to the person long enough to establish what is going on, when I hear that they are given nothing to buy food so must go steal it to survive, and that that same man who does not give them a quarter for food beats them every night, I go into dark mode and I will usually pound the man on the spot, or instruct the callers how to pound him. These are technically other service calls, but any time I get an e mail with this in the subject line I go to it first. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. This may seem like a wierd service for me to offer, but part of the foundation of my spiritual life is my guardian angel, and my guardian angel happens to be the force in nature who is the power who protects women who are being abused by men. Therefore, I must follow in her path and help people who are under unreasonable abuse. I especially want to help women who are being abused. I LIKE TO RID HOUSES OF HUMAN MONSTERS TOO!.

Doesn't it sound to you like we could get this cleaning done for FREE? I think the abuse the world is under from these dark entities in the White House is fairly unreasonable, but I feel too uncertain and intimidated to approach Spirit Busters, due to the following excerpt....

Some price changes or arrangements might be made only for people who are in very bad shape and are truly poor -- but please don't try to trick me, I spent four years seven days a week as an internet psychic, and the trick will soon reveal itself!

So many things to fear- will we ever regain our power??!!!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

SHIT- The Give and Take

Shit- some say it rolls down hill, and some can give it but not take it.
On this very election day, more seem to give a shit than ever. But one man is prepared to take it- The Doody Dude. I ain't shittin' you.
I spotted his piece of shit truck the other day rolling down Sunset Blvd, and OK- it's really your dog's shit he's prepared to take, but a guy's gotta start at the bottom, doesn't he?
Now, my Hollywood neighbors can take even less responsibility for their dogs, and use them purely for the sidewalk networking/matchmaking they were intended for.
The Dude abides....and he claims to be #1 in the #2 business, which means he's the shit, yo.
Check it!