Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Stooping to the Cellular Level

Don't make the same mistake I did. Do NOT see the movie "Cellular."
Because I was on a date where the time at which we saw a movie became more important than the movie itself, I DID.
Kim Basinger stars in this 90 minute fecal streak of a film and it is here where I proceed directly to my point.
At first I was struck by her appearance. Her face was overly oiled or moisturized, presumably to make her skin seem younger; but it was shiny, distracting and creepy for some reason.

Shiny happy people

The insidious reason is this:

Those crafty media puppeteers, controlled, of course, by the protagonists of your choice- Illuminati, Big Brother, whatever- have pulled a sly one on us. Any rookie conspiracy theorist who knows his obelisk from his phallus could tell you they love to flaunt their hidden agenda through symbols.
Well, while the presidential debate/distraction rolls on and fails to discuss the real reason for the Iraq war, the powers that be have poked a little fun at us by giving it up.

The real reason for the war is written all over Kim Basinger's face....... It's the Oil!
Yes, they're rubbing our faces in it.

At once, this film, thinly veiled as idiotic, brain-numbing shite, reveals itself as a clever, disturbing flip-off to us all. Certainly, there are other factors at work here that complicate issues and probably lead to more of a combination-skin symbology.

Look for T-Zone- a new sequel to the Terminator movies, putting your governor to work soon.

One Man Dared to be Complex